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New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 James J   P528 McDonald 
2 Mary P   P526 McDonald 
3 Acker, Jacob  Abt 1805New York P107 McDonald 
4 Acker, Margaret "Maggie"  28 Sep 1877New York P109 McDonald 
5 Acker, Rosanna V  11 Aug 1883New York P108 McDonald 
6 Acker, Sarah "Sadie"  Dec 1882New York P111 McDonald 
7 Acker, William Barnes  Abt 1830New York P32 McDonald 
8 Arale, Ergamo   P417 McDonald 
9 Arele, Geno   P415 McDonald 
10 Bahr, George  Abt 1912New York P133 McDonald 
11 Bahr, George Oscar  7 Feb 1875New York P334 McDonald 
12 Baughan, Joseph  Jan 1863New York P115 McDonald 
13 Baughan, William Jr.  Mar 1848New York P464 McDonald 
14 Baughn, Martha  Abt 1862New York P465 McDonald 
15 Baughn, Mary  Abt 1860New York P466 McDonald 
16 Beadleston, Henrey  Oct 1871New York P106 McDonald 
17 Block, Doris K  22 Apr 1899New York P210 McDonald 
18 Brian, Elizabeth  Abt 1902New York P62 McDonald 
19 Clark, George  Mar 1897New York P347 McDonald 
20 Clark, Helen C. R  25 Jul 1895New York P348 McDonald 
21 Clark, James H  May 1858New York P349 McDonald 
22 Clark, Ruth M  Abt 1894New York P346 McDonald 
23 Collins, Cornelius  Abt 1878New York P368 McDonald 
24 Cunningham, Ida  Abt 1865New York P253 McDonald 
25 Cunningham, Kate  Abt 1870New York P251 McDonald 
26 Cunningham, Thurlow  Abt 1868New York P252 McDonald 
27 Cunningham, William  Abt 1868New York P247 McDonald 
28 Dower, Grace M  Nov 1899New York P434 McDonald 
29 Dower, Rose Mary  1903New York P433 McDonald 
30 Feeley, Rose M.  Apr 1872New York P315 McDonald 
31 Fritz, Edna M  4 Nov 1891New York P490 McDonald 
32 Fritz, Harriett F.  Jul 1893New York P492 McDonald 
33 Fritz, Henry W.  Aug 1894New York P491 McDonald 
34 Fritz, Henry William  Jan 1863New York P477 McDonald 
35 Fritz, Herbert   P489 McDonald 
36 Fritz, Julia  1903New York P486 McDonald 
37 Gettigs, Rosalie   P501 McDonald 
38 Gettings, Donald   P502 McDonald 
39 Gettings, Eilleen   P505 McDonald 
40 Gettings, James Joseph  7 Jul 1890New York P185 McDonald 
41 Gettings, John F   P504 McDonald 
42 Gettings, Robert L   P503 McDonald 
43 Gettings, Rosemary   P506 McDonald 
44 Harvey, Carrie  Abt 1872New York P288 McDonald 
45 Harvey, Eva  Abt 1868New York P289 McDonald 
46 Harvey, John G  Nov 1862New York P146 McDonald 
47 Havern, Alice  Abt 1876New York P306 McDonald 
48 Havern, Francis  Mar 1886New York P305 McDonald 
49 Havern, Lillie  Abt 1873New York P307 McDonald 
50 Havern, Mary Ursula  15 Feb 1911New York P81 McDonald 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Acker, William Barnes  20 Aug 1898New York P32 McDonald 
2 Cunningham, Edward  1890New York P250 McDonald 
3 Cunningham, William  Abt 1868New York P247 McDonald 
4 Fritz, Fredrick  New York P493 McDonald